Fix for Jenkins hang up and a message Please wait while Jenkins is getting ready to work

2:15 AM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

Sometimes we get a message Please wait while Jenkins is getting ready to work after installing some plugins with restart option.

Most of the times worked fine, but few times its take hours time with this message.

For quick fix, restart the junkins service and open Junkins again.

Windows + Run  -- Services.msc -- Search for junkins service - Restart  the service

Responsivator - App for Preview Your Website in Various Reolutions

9:16 PM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

Responsivator is a website where you can check how your website look in various screen sizes. Its perfect tool, when you design a responsive website and want to test it in different dimensions.

For checking the website, paste the URL of the website you want to check and click on Responsivate, It will open different iframes with the different sizes of iPhone, tablet and desktop.

There is an option to customize the screen dimensions. We can navigate to the different screens with in the iframe to check different screens dimensions in the same website.

Responsivator is an open source project by John Polacek, draftfcb. source code of it is available on github

Workflow Automation for Onboarding

1:28 AM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

The problem of quick and effective adaptation of new employees is crucial for all IT-companies. When you hire a new professional which should be rapidly put in the picture to start working with a new project, delay means loss of profit.

How can it be possible to accelerate the process of newbies’ adaptation in a company? Are there any effective instruments which can help to cope with such task with minimum cost and with maximum result?  The answer to the second question is “Yes”, and the answer to the first question lays in workflow automation usage. Let’s see how it can be possibly done.

Workflow automation solutions are software products which are able not only to simplify and automatize the work within a project, but also make simpler adaptation process of new team players.  I have already mentioned Comindware here. Comindware Tracker has a specific solution for HR automation. One of the brightest distinctive features of Comindware Tracker is its working principle. The program functions through the window of a browser and you only need to be connected to the Internet to use the software. Simultaneous work is possible for all of the team players, so everybody, even remote users can easily access the required information from their computers.

Comindware Tracker has been recently updated and now offers new features. The solution has now a mobile version which can be run on all types of mobile devices. It does not absolutely matter where the user is located and which mobile platform or operational system he utilizes.  He will in any case have constant access to all the information required for productive work on the project.

Another feature Comindware Tracker offers after the update is the opportunity to create new project tasks and items by email: you only send an email to a specific email address and then the machine of Comindware Tracker starts to work, give out tasks to your working team. Speaking of onboarding process the HR solution offers, you may send the initial email, the onboarding process starts. You can include necessary info, attach the employees papers to the email: Comindware Tracker will attach it to the item. At any time, it is possible to look through the current statuses of existing workflow tasks. The logic of the solution is quite simpler than that of its competitors which, in my opinion, makes work with Comindware Tracker easy and pleasant.

Comindware Tracker comes with a free application, Comindware Task Management which allows to create and manage new tasks. It’s possible to download and use Comindware Task Management separately, but when you deal with HR workflows, you’re seeking for Comindware Tracker automation features first of all. 30-day fully functional trial of the solution can be found here.

PhoneGap - Open Source Mobile Framework

11:56 PM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores.

Single code base ---- PhoneGap ---- Deploy to multiple platforms

Support Platforms:
  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows Phone
  4. Blackberry
  5. WebOS
  6. Symbian
  7. Bada

Supported Features on various platforms:



Flash XML - Beautiful Collection of Flash Components

10:33 PM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

Flash XML is a excellent collection of flash components for web applications. We can use these components with out having the knowledge of Flash by customizing the design by using the live demos.

Flash XML offers,

1. Sideshows
2. Galleries
3. Image Menus
4. Media Players
5. Widgets
6. Templates
7. Utilities

Now Lifetime access to all the files on Flash XML as low as $59.00

You can refer membership and licensing details here

Cushy CMS - A Truly Simple Content Management System

1:43 AM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

Cushy CMS is a fast, easy and free content management system which allows the users to safely edit the content which does not require any software installation or programming knowledge. It will take few minutes to setup with easy steps.

We can create unlimited sites and pages with localization. There is a  paid version is available with additional options like branding, advanced controls and support.

Screencast for How to install and edit with CushyCMS in under 5 minutes



Now Listen Posts From Srikanth Portal

12:35 AM Posted by Srikanth Gupta

Hi All! Are you feel boring to read posts, No problem from now on, you can listen posts instead of reading. While listening, you can do other tasks as well. Interesting right, check it:

Thanks to iSpeech for giving this wonderful gadget. 

Hope you all love it!