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Installing iPhone 3.2.3 SDK along with good old SDKs 3.2, 3.1.3 and etc

Recently I have installed Xcode 3.2.3 with iPhone SDK 4 (Seed) on OSX snow leopard 10.6.3 there is no SDK 3.2, 3.1.3 and etc to run my old applications. For resolving this issue you have to install both of these SDKs in different folders.

For example, Create a folder called SDks_Old, and change the path from default to this newly created folder at the time of installation.

After Installation is completed, if you search for xcode, in the spotlight search box, you can find two Xcode icons with the text like

1. Xcode - SDK_Old
2. Xcode - Developer (Developer is the default location for installation)

Xcode - SDK_Old: It is for running and developing apps with Old SDKs 3.2, 3.1.3 and etc

Xcode - Developer: It's used for running and developing apps with New SDK 3.2.3

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