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Comindware - Online Project Tracking Tool

A new IT company, Comindware®, is coming up to the market with enterprise collaboration software. In October, when the release is due, the developers’ team promises to show two products: Comindware Tracker™ and Comindware Task Management™.

“Just another tracker”, was my first thought when I found it out. Yet, after a closer study, it appears that the guys have managed to create something new for issue tracking and task management. Here are the main features that differentiate Comindware Tracker™ from other trackers.

First of all, this is issue tracking software for any functional area in your organization. Usually, when we say ‘tracker’ we mean ‘bug tracker’, an application common for QA services to track software bugs. There are also helpdesk solutions for IT. Some trackers are designed for a certain industry and cannot be used anywhere else. Comindware Tracker™ comes with a pre-set templates library for some industries (yet, until the release, the exact set of the industries they picked is kept secret, so I can only guess this might be HR, marketing and the same old requests, bugs, support tickets for IT). Still, even if your industry or department is not on the list yet, the tracker can be customized rather quickly to your specific needs and basically you can start using the tracker right away.

Possibility to work inside MS Outlook makes the tracker a ‘non-tracker’. Actually, I am rather lazy to learn how to use a new application. Call me old fashioned or conservative, but I don’t like to spend time trying to figure out how it works. If you are like me, you will be glad to know, that you don’t even have to see the Comindware Tracker™ interface as with the help of a plug in it can be integrated into MS Outlook interface and all the work can be done in MS Outlook. I find it useful, since we all know how to use MS Outlook.
‘Any time custom’, if I may call it so, means that all settings can be changed on the fly at any moment. Usually this option in trackers is either not available at all, or you can only change few settings. Comindware Tracker™ gives you almost absolute freedom to change everything, including items and item fields. This is something new and rather interesting to me.

So, when I hear ‘tracker’ I get bored, when I hear ‘Comindware Tracker’ I start looking forward to the release day to see it. I want to touch this, because I am more visual, and only then will I believe that this is real. Meanwhile the pre-registration for the release has already started on Comindware official website and I have already signed up.

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